Corgi Toys 1956-73
487 Chipperfields Circus Land Rover Parade Vehicle

487 Chipperfields Circus Land Rover Parade Vehicle

20 GBP
This model is part of a collection that I am selling on behalf of a friend and colleague and funds are for his son to do a World Scouting Trip. So the prices are all very reasonable and I can warrant that they are all one owner and original.

The Chipperfields issues included two Land Rovers, each of the second type with suspension and interior, in red with free spinning wheels. This is essentially a breakdown truck with a plastic container inserted and some speakers added to the roof. There is a clown standing with a microphone and there should also be a monkey 'assistant'. I always smile when we compare this to the normal Parade Vehicle issue which has a politician and a girl.

This is not a bad example at all with decent paintwork but the clown is incomplete and the monkey has disappeared. A decal is missing from the bonnet. The wheels and suspension are sound and the windows good.