Corgi Toys 1956-73
486 Chevrolet Kennel Service Wagon with original box

486 Chevrolet Kennel Service Wagon with original box

75 GBP
A marvellous example of this model in its original box. The Chevrolet Impala had been around for a good many years and this is its final appearance. A similar Chipperfields Circus edition is also available with poodles but this one had four different dogs inside. Two of the dogs have run off but two originals do remain in place. Replacements for the others are easy to find and I may add these in due course but, at the moment, this is for sale as it stands.

The wagon is in superb condition. The chrome can be vulnerable to chipping but this has stayed intact and is lovely and shiny. the paintwork is also really nice, with clear, clean windows and the unit at the back is lovely with sliding doors and clean interior. An original 'moving effect' sticker is in place on the front and the car's suspension has survived. It is ridiculously bouncy on these models and easily damaged but this one is good.

The box is all original and complete but just a bit dirty in places.