Corgi Toys 1956-73
484 Dodge Kew Fargo Livestock Transporter (Daktari Edition)

484 Dodge Kew Fargo Livestock Transporter (Daktari Edition)

44 GBP

There are two of these big trucks, an odd addition to the Corgi range as they would not have been seen on British roads. But then neither would many of the lovely American sports cars either, now I come to think of it!

This is the farm-orientated beast carrier truck which has the rear section you may recognise. It is identical to the farm trailer #58!

The truck is nicely engineered and has chrome and an opening bonnet. Overall, it is in pretty good condition, with paint mostly good, just some flakes missing on the rear section. The suspension is a bit strange but (after a minor repair) it works fine. If the transmission shaft is bent then it can fail and both axles get very loose. Luckily it is not difficult and no breakage is involved to straighten the shaft and all is well again.

The individually sold models are all beige and green, this is the variation with cast wheels and a blue cab and beige rear section that has ‘Wameru’ and zebra stickers from the big Daktari Gift Set 14.

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