Corgi Toys 1956-73
474 Ford Thames Wall's Musical Ice Cream Van with original box

474 Ford Thames Wall's Musical Ice Cream Van with original box

335 GBP
Although the Ford Thames van was a common sight on our roads, Corgi decided just to feature it in ice cream van livery! Twice. In March 1965 447 appears in a nice box with a little boy in an inner card display, costing 6/11d. In October 1965 we get 474 and a huge knob in place of the boy and no scene card. This costs almost double the price at 13/-.

The idea was probably good, to have chimes that played when you wound the handle but unfortunately most stopped working shortly afterwards. This one has survived and at least three or four of the five notes play when the handle is turned.

It is in beautiful original condition with an interesting plain original box and these are very much sought after. The box has no illustration but the model name and number have been printed on the ends. There is neither packing nor instructions and the model has been free to move within the box which has resulted in some damage to the card. The stickers that came with this model have been put on various places where they probably weren't meant to go but the paintwork, screens and suspension are all very good.

I have another of these without working chimes which has the later illustrated box. I may consider swapping the boxes if desired. Contact me about this if required.