Corgi Toys 1956-73
472 Land Rover Public Address Vehicle

472 Land Rover Public Address Vehicle

50 GBP

One of the two versions of this use of the good old Land Rover casting. This is the ‘Vote For Corgi’ version in green with red interior and yellow rear section. There is a politician with a microphone and it’s nice to have an example where his hand is intact. Most have that bit missing. There should also be a young lady ‘researcher’ but she has gone off somewhere.

It’s an excellent example all round with the only fault being damage to one of the transfers. Otherwise this is great, original and worth adding to any collection.

It was followed by the Circus Parade edition in red with blue bits. Someone at Corgi had a sense of humour, replacing a politician with a clown and a researcher with a monkey.

I don’t think either sold that well. They were around from 1965 to 68 (this one) and 1967 to 69 (the Circus one).

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