Corgi Toys 1956-73
470 Forward Control Jeep FC-150 with original box

470 Forward Control Jeep FC-150 with original box

60 GBP
Another outing for the Jeep here, this time with suspension and an interior and a plastic canopy in lovely grey.

This is quite a scarce edition with the earlier 'catch' type of hook at the back. Later models had the button type that you'll be more familiar with. These are of similar vintage to the Buick Rivieras which also came with both types.

In a beige mushroom colour that almost defies description, this has free spinning wheels.

This example is in very good condition with only slight marks to the paintwork on corners and raised door lines. The windows are excellent and clear and the wheels lovely and shiny, original tyres and an unmarked base. It has an original box which is very clean, fresh-looking, unmarked and with all its flaps. One or two very small tears at folds but generally very nice indeed.