Corgi Toys 1956-73
469 AEC London Routemaster Bus with original box

469 AEC London Routemaster Bus with original box

50 GBP

The London bus has to be the longest running production item in the Corgi range. It starts as 468 in June 1964 and, despite being a bit small when stood next to other models, it survives right through to early 1975.

Then in April 1975 469 takes over. It is slightly bigger but not much different to the last of the 468s which had by then lost the jewelled headlights, louvre windows and the smart touches of the original.

This is the very first one, with BTA banners. It was followed by a vast number of different promotional types and in many colours too and continued virtually unaltered when manufacture went to China and is probably still going today. Most 469s are worth only a pound or so but this first one is worth keeping.

This particular example has an immaculate box and is in mint condition, only, I suspect, once removed from its box by me for these pictures.

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