Corgi Toys 1956-73
468 London Bus with cast wheels but no jewels

468 London Bus with cast wheels but no jewels

80 GBP
At first glance this looks like any old 468 bus. It is, however, quite a scarce late edition at around the time of the switch to money-saving Whizzwheels. The Whizzwheels version would not have jewelled headlights like the shaped and cast wheel version that preceded it. However, it appears that some bodies were made without jewelled headlights prior to the switch to a Whizzwheels base.

This is a very nice example of that intermediate model and I don't think there will be many of these around. The question does, of course arise as to whether there might not also be models with jewels and Whizzwheels?! I very much doubt that but will have to keep an eye out just in case.

This will be an item missing from many collections.