Corgi Toys 1956-73
438 Land Rover with original box

438 Land Rover with original box

80 GBP
Corgi produced a whole load of Land Rovers. This is one of the first of the second series with suspension that came along in late 1962. This example is in excellent condition apart from some residue near the spare wheel which also is not firmly in place. That is the only fault, however, and many people won't even notice it.

The windows are clean and clear and the suspension sound. It has not been played with and the tyres are original and unworn. This has the grey plastic canopy so may be slightly later than the very first issues which had tan canopies.

The box is also very good indeed, complete, firm and not damaged apart from a small piece of tape at one end which may have been used to keep that end closed at some time.

A delightful example at a modest price.