Corgi Toys 1956-73
466 Commer Milk Float

466 Commer Milk Float

45 GBP
This is easily confused with the more common Milk Float from the Commer Construction Gift Set. The main difference is that the rear section is fixed and there is no device in the base for locking or unlocking that. It is, otherwise, the same thing with a white cab and chassis and light blue frame at the back with a plastic set of milk bottle trays and content. Oddly, Corgi didn't make the red van that you could create in the Gift Set, just some limited edition branded items. 

This example is in good condition with some chips to the paintwork and signs of wear but it still looks attractive on display. the windows are clean and clear and it has good suspension and tyres. Because so many people had the Construction Sets, these did not sell that well as pre-made models and can be more difficult to find now.

This one did, in fact, come with a Co-op truck and Van from the scarce set you could get with Co-op coupons. It is, however, not part of that set as the Co-op version had stickers and cast wheels which this did not have when issued. People do confuse the two, however, and neither are common.