Corgi Toys 1956-73
465 Commer Pick-up Truck with original box

465 Commer Pick-up Truck with original box

55 GBP

There’s more to these trucks than might initially meet the eye. Firstly, they’re different to the Construction Set ones, having fixed sections, not removable ones. The Construction sets are always red cab with yellow rear whereas the boxed versions can be either way round, the yellow cab version being rather less common.

This example is very good indeed, with only very minor nicks. It has the same tinted windows as the red cab version I have. The bench is in place and the wheels and suspension are excellent.

The base on these versions does not include a device to release the rear section.

This has an original box which is clean and fresh-looking but it has lost one end flap and has one or two crush marks and wear on some edges.

I have the red cab in the Construction Set. These individual models are good ones to get, though, as I see them being increasingly scarce in this sort of condition.