Corgi Toys 1956-73
464 Commer Police Van 2nd Edition with original box

464 Commer Police Van 2nd Edition with original box

120 GBP

Although not part of the Commer Construction Gift Set, this van had the same interchange system so it was a useful addition and you could switch the base and van part around.

The flashing light is great but the battery compartment seems too big for a AAA battery and too small for a AA battery! It is an updated version and it certainly used to work fine as it is from an early collection and I can only assume that there was another size of battery then. This is in super condition all round and has the correct 2nd issue original box too.

There were several versions of this and this has the later tinted windows without bars and the Police text is in the cast now. Before you had County Police or City Police as transfers. There is also a very scarce green version from Europe.

This is all totally original and not easy to find in as good, one-owner condition that I can vouch for! The bos is excellent but one end flap has become detached and there is a  tear on one fold at the other end. 

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