Corgi Toys 1956-73
464 Commer Police Van (1st edition)

464 Commer Police Van (1st edition)

50 GBP
This is a great example of the 1963 edition, available for three or four years until the revised version was issued with a different light unit and the POLICE text included in the casting. It seems to me to be paler and with an almost metallic shade than other examples I have had. It is in excellent condition throughout.

Excellent paintwork with just wear on raised edges. There is a little corrosion visible on the outside where a battery has been left in for a long time and a more substantial bit of corrosion inside. I have not seen the bulb light but there are deposits on the places where the bulb and battery make contact and i am pretty sure that, once cleaned, the light will work fine. The bulb is OK and the axles mechanism functions so it should just need a good clean.

The County Police transfers are in excellent shape and the window unit clean and undamaged. The suspension too, as usual for these models, is fine.

Often you'll find that the small metal bars across the window panels can be broken but this one has them all intact.