Corgi Toys 1956-73
462 Commer 'Hammonds' Van

462 Commer 'Hammonds' Van

80 GBP
A strange model in many ways. It is a very late use of the Commer as a promotional item for Hammonds, a store in Hull. I presume that the dark blue, white and odd shade of green were the Hammonds' colours. Otherwise, the blue and green are excellent examples of a pair that 'should never be seen'! It features cast wheels when most production would have had Whizzwheels by then. It also has an odd typeface for the Hammonds text and an even stranger one used for the single H! I don't know how many of these were made but they are not as scarce as some promotional issues and prices are not through the roof.

The model itself is the usual chassis that you will find on the individual issued models - not the take-off variety that appeared in the Commer Construction Gift Set 24 - with a closed rear section which you will only find on a Co-op van which is also pretty scarce! If you take this apart, however, you'll discover that the rear section is actually the same as the Construction Set piece but is locked in place inside rather than by the operation of a device on the outside. There was no normal Commer Van issued.

This one is in really good condition with nice paintwork all round and the only faults are small scratches in the green paint on the roof. The windows are clean and clear with no damage and the wheels are good with firm suspension and original tyres.

The stickers are my own replacements, apart from an original H on the rear door. The replacements you may find advertised are really quite dreadful, using an entirely wrong typeface and some are even transfers when the originals are stickers! How those people can be so thick as to promote them I do not know.

This is, therefore, a really nice-looking example of an uncommon model that will be missing from most collections.