Corgi Toys 1956-73
1151 Commer Co-op Cab, Trailer and Van limited edition

1151 Commer Co-op Cab, Trailer and Van limited edition

160 GBP
For a short time in 1970 there was a special offer whereby you could exchange Co-op coupons for three special edition models; this van, a Co-op branded milk float and a Scammell Co-op branded cab and trailer. The offer was not that popular and so few were issued and the set of three, catalogued as 1151, is very expensive to obtain now.

The van and milk float can be readily identified by having cast wheels. the normal 466 issue did not have cast wheels and there was no van issued in this colour scheme other than as part of this offer. Unfortunately, you'll find many sellers trying to pass the 466 off as part of the set and, indeed, repainting vans and trailers too. This is made simpler with the ready availability of the paper stickers.

This, however, is the real thing - a Commer 462-type van in Co-op colours and with cast wheels. It is in good condition but the Co-op stickers had become a bit worn and faded so I have replaced two of these. There are also small marks on the cab roof. The cab and trailer is excellent. there are some age marks to the blue paint on the trailer and a few marks here and there but this is otherwiose very good. It has replacement Co-operative sign and labels.

I am awaiting a Co-op Milk Float to complete the set but in the meantime it is sold as shown. There is a normal Milk Float in stock and if you wish to have that included I can arrange a substantial discount.