Corgi Toys 1956-73
460 Bermuda Taxi with original box

460 Bermuda Taxi with original box

50 GBP
The old Ford Thunderbird gets another life here. As well as adding suspension to make a 215S, Corgi also painted the suspension model white and added a driver. also a plastic frilly roof and called it a Bermuda Taxi. Weird. It lasted a couple of years at most, with the roof being re-used on an equally strange Fiat 600 Jolly Ghia model and was even due to appear on a Chrysler Imperial which barely made it to the production line. 

This is a good example but has lost its stickers, leaving some glue residue behind which is a bit unsightly. The paintwork is otherwise excellent and the silver paintwork is superb. The little driver has disappeared but replacements are easy to get nowadays if he doesn't re-appear somewhere on your travels. The original roof is there, however, this one in a pleasant shade of green with red frills.

The screen is excellent and intact and the wheels and suspension are just as they should be. It also has an original box which has nice , fresh colours but one end flap is missing.