Corgi Toys 1956-73
458 ERF Earth Dumper Truck with original box

458 ERF Earth Dumper Truck with original box

50 GBP

Mr Foden must have done some deal with the Corgi people and persuaded them to switch from Commer for their bigger commercial items. So there are five ERFs: 456, the dropside lorry, 457 the platform lorry, this one, 459, a Moorhouses van (more like a truck to me!) And 460 is a weird cement tipper thing.

458 is the dumper truck and is a good old solid affair with double supports for the rear section that lifts and stays nicely in position, even after 60 years! This has the earliest style of fixed smooth hubs and all the tyres are good, including the spare.

The paintwork is excellent. These usually got pretty rough treatment but this has survived very well. The tipper section has a few chips in its rich yellow paint but this is all original. The windows are clean and clear - there is a small flaw in one pane which looks like it may be cracked but this is a surface mark only. The wheels are lovely and shiny and the original normal size tyres are good, the spare having a crack but seems too good to replace.

This comes with an original box which is clean but missing two end flaps and one inner flap. It has the 1961 price of 5/7d on one side.

A nice example. Not uncommon but not so many of these first types around