Corgi Toys 1956-73
450 Austin Mini Van with silver grille (2)

450 Austin Mini Van with silver grille (2)

95 GBP
There are three versions of the Mini Van. You can find it with a plain body colour grille, a silver painted grille or a Countryman style grille. All the Countryman styles that I have seen have been body colour but i suppose a silver painted one may exist. I guess that with these we have to be careful to ensure that some silver hasn't been added later. This one is original and in very nice condition with only minor signs of wear.

The screens are clear and clean, both jewels are original and the wheels and suspension are excellent. The door close evenly at the back too. The paintwork is distinctly deeper green than another Mini Van that I have with a Countryman grille (illustrated in the photos for comparison).

A very nice example and the better of two I have in stock.