Corgi Toys 1956-73
448 Police Minivan with original handler and dog

448 Police Minivan with original handler and dog

60 GBP
The Minivan gets a coat of deep blue and a few changes to the rear doors and interior panel, Police transfers and a police dog handler plus dog in this set. Corgi also added a lead which is missing here. It is possible to get a replacement but those I have tried are far to thick and inflexible, usually leaving the dog floating in mid air on display! Instead I now use some thick cotton which looks much better.

The set would also have been supplied in a small display box with inner tray showing a London scene. I always thought the box was too small. This one doesn't yet have the box but I will be getting a good replacement one in due course. In the meantime this is available as it stands.

The van is in super condition and is all original, as are the handler and dog. There were some Police stickers on the sides when I got it but I removed them and found that the originals are almost untouched. I cannot imagine why anyone wanted to cover them up. Just one letter is a little damaged, that's all.

This is excellent value at the moment.

I also have a late issue with cast wheels available.