Corgi Toys 1956-73
448 Police Minivan with handler and dog

448 Police Minivan with handler and dog

45 GBP
In an original display box this set can cost a small fortune. It is the Minivan in dark blue and with different rear doors and also a different window unit to the 450 model. You will find the Police version with shaped and cast wheels as this had quite a long life.

This is a smart example which is original apart from the replacement stickers on the sides and the aerial. In my view the aerial actually looks better! The stickers are just stickers and could be removed so that the more accurate transfers could be applied if required. The dog and handler are both original characters and I have used some black cord as a lead which is much more realistic than the dreadful thick plastic that is available as a replacement. Original leads are better but still quite thick and not easy to find now as the rubber tends to fracture. This has nice paintwork and original jewelled headlamps and both rear doors. The wheels are shiny and the suspension sound.

I may get a reproduction box for this and then advertise it at a much hugher price as it would make an excellent display. In the meantime, however, it is available as shown at a modest price.