Corgi Toys 1956-73
448 Police Mini Van with original box

448 Police Mini Van with original box

100 GBP
A superb example of the Austin Police Mini Van. This came in a set with a dog handler, dog and lead but they have gone missing. What remains is one of the more attractive Corgi Toys and this is in wonderful condition and has an original box and tray which are also excellent.

The tyres are good and all four look original and the jewelled headlamps are well and evenly fitted. How often do we find them either too far in or slightly protruding or, worse, poorly replaced.

The aerial is a original too as are the POLICE transfers and, unusually, are both completely intact. The doors open and close nicely and the internal glazing is sound.

The paintwork has just two chips, one on each rear door. The windows are all good and the base nice and clean too. It is a good price but if it doesn't sell quickly I shall get a dog, lead and policeman and sell it as a complete set for considerably more.

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