Corgi Toys 1956-73
448 Austin Mini Van (rebuilt)

448 Austin Mini Van (rebuilt)

30 GBP
This has been something of a project and I am happy to hang on to it if it doesn't find a buyer. I have often had trouble recreating the silver bumpers or grilles on models that have had to be rescued but a collector in the States has inspired me with another solution. That is to polish up the relevant parts and mask them when spraying the rest. The result is quite satisfying on this model. On those where Corgi's procedure tended to leave bits missing or to spray something other than the intended element then this will not be as original-looking but it works nicely here in my view.

Another feature I have used is to place the jewelled headlights in silver bezels that are just the right size to fit. There are no satisfactory jewel holders at the parts suppliers I use so this is a very good solution indeed that I was pleased to discover too.

All that is left is to find a better aerial! These replacements are not good. 

The model is, of course, a 448 Police Mini Van but is now a slightly less dark shade and has no Police stickers, dog, handler or lead either. I may leave it as a simple commercial van for now. It is probably worth the price for the (real) silver bezels alone.