Corgi Toys 1956-73
445 Plymouth Sports Suburban with original box

445 Plymouth Sports Suburban with original box

100 GBP

Here’s a car that you’d think was really common. A classically big American estate car, probably called a shooting brake or something in innocuous colours that you’d swear you saw in your friends’ collections.

Not the case. I have had great trouble finding a decent one of these. They’re the revised version of #219 with suspension and free spinning wheels. All will be this colour - a very odd combination of sky blue and red roof! You may find one in the brown and cream of the non-suspension model but they're really rare.

This is an excellent example with some of the best silver paintwork Corgi did - why they didn’t use this stuff on most other models I do not know. There are many tiny chips on the paintwork but it really does still look very nice.

There is also now a beautiful original box. That has a crisp clean colour and all the flaps and few signs of wear. One tear where a small flap joins is all I can see, otherwise it is firm and bright.