Corgi Toys 1956-73
438 Land Rover in mid green and 101 Trailer from Gift Set 22 (2)

438 Land Rover in mid green and 101 Trailer from Gift Set 22 (2)

200 GBP
These two models are very rare, found only in early editions of the Farming Gift Set 22 for a short period in 1962-3. 

The Land Rover is the first green 438 and is quite different from the deep green issued individually in boxes, being a mid-green colour similar to the 406 that it replaced. It would not have had a canopy either. The yellow trailer is similar to the later issues of 101 Platform Trailer but here has a yellow platform as well as chassis. It has the later style free-spinning shaped wheels.

The trailer is in very good condition. There are several marks along the edges and, of course, they show more in this colour than they would in others. The wheels and tyres are very good. The Land Rover has been played with and the paintwork has some wear but it is not dented or broken. The front bumper, which often gets bent on these models, is straight. The tin hook has been lost but the windows are clear apart from one scratch at the side. It has a yellow interior and free-spinning shaped wheels as for all early 438s, with good suspension. The spare wheel is in place. The Land Rover has a temporary replacement hook in the photos.

I have two of these scarce Land Rovers and this is the better of the two. I have advertised them both with the same trailer. Prices have to be high as these are both really rare items.

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