Corgi Toys 1956-73
438 Land Rover deep green with raised roof plate

438 Land Rover deep green with raised roof plate

25 GBP
You may have notices that early Series 2 Land Rover 438s have a plate fitted on top of the cab, the purpose of which, I presume, is to provide the effect of ridges on the cab roof which had been omitted in the initial casting. As years progressed it seems that this plate sinks into the roof, gradually becoming less proud of the roof surface and, in due course, models appear to have been recast without any plate at all.

Now, I may be completely wrong but, if that is more or less correct, then this is an example of a very early 438 as the plate is definitely the most obvious that I have encountered. In fact, it caught a colleague's attention first and he brought it to my attention and so it isn't just me that finds the plate quite exceptional.

The model itself is in pretty worn condition as regards the paintwork. the windows, however, are fine and not damaged. the tin hook is in place and the wheels and suspension fine with the body in solid condition.

Having taken some photos for the file I can now let this go and maybe someone will like to have it to display next to one with no plate.

It may even be rare but I feel the [price is as much as I can really ask until I discover more background.