Corgi Toys 1956-73
437 Superior Ambulance with original box

437 Superior Ambulance with original box

120 GBP

This is the first type of Superior Ambulance and was issued from 1962 to 1965 in red and cream. This one has clear lights but may also have small amber lights instead.

This example is almost as new, in lovely condition throughout and the silver paint looks just like chrome. The battery and bulb element looks fine and I am sure it would work if the right size of battery could be found. The compartment seems too big for a AAA size and two small for a AA size. I am sure that, with some minor work it could be functioning again.

The decals along the side windows usually get damaged as they are very delicate and get brittle with age. These are excellent.

The box is very good, clean and solid but is missing an inner flap and has a small tear at one edge.

Not easy to find in this condition, nor with a box.

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