Corgi Toys 1956-73
422 Bedford CA Van MkII 'Corgi Toys'

422 Bedford CA Van MkII 'Corgi Toys'

44 GBP

A Type 2 Bedford CA van which doesn’t really replace anything that I can think of as there was already a van that had been replaced - the Mk1 ‘Daily Express’ with the Mk 2 ‘Evening Standard’.

It does seem appropriate, though, that there was a nice Corgi blue and Corgi yellow van in the series and, with Corgi Toys’ on the side it is, of course, something that we all should have in our collections. The fact that this is the first I have ever owned is neither here nor there. I just say that these CA vans were before my time

This is in nice, totally original, condition with good windows, wheels and tyres and the paintwork is pretty good too. The roof, in particular has survived against all odds and 1960s children.

You will see variations of the two colours; blue with a yellow roof and a sort of half-and-half style. Those are particularly sought after.

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