Corgi Toys 1956-73
418 Austin Taxi with original box

418 Austin Taxi with original box

35 GBP

I am wondering if this is the longest-running model. It first appeared in October 1960 and, apart from getting suspension added and occasional drivers young or old, it is the same cast here getting Whizzwheels in mid 1971 and only finally giving way to the bigger 1:36 scale version in 1975.

It is available in black with red or yellow seats and, with Whizzwheels it can be found in a very deep shade of purple too as well as black and the two interior colours.

I have not seen any Whizzwheels versions with drivers and think they may just be the ones supplied in a London Gift Set with a red double decker and a policeman who goes round and round.

So this is fairly easy to find but it comes with a sturdy box. The cellophane has broken in one place and the box is a little grubby but not broken or crushed. There is now another in super condition with a brilliant and fresh box with intact cellophane.

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