Corgi Toys 1956-73
418 Austin Taxi in deep maroon with red interior

418 Austin Taxi in deep maroon with red interior

30 GBP
It can be really difficult to tell the difference between black and deep maroon! I bought three of these taxis before, eventually, getting this one which is the deep maroon and not black. Even then, in some lights, it just looked black like all the others!

It's one of the last editions of the very long-running London Taxi before it gets a change of scale. As well as the other colour, black, this can be found with a lemon interior instead of red and I have seen black steering wheels too in place of grey or silver.

A photo showing this one next to a black edition should confirm the difference.

This has several flaws in the paintwork which will have originated at the factory and very small chips on the bonnet and rear of the roof. These are not at all obvious, however, and it is a nice example of this hard to find model.