Corgi Toys 1956-73
417S Land Rover breakdown Truck with original box

417S Land Rover breakdown Truck with original box

50 GBP

This is the second version of this long running item. It has the free-spinning wheels and suspension and interior and the Type 2 body. The other identifier is the tin canopy with transfers which would become plastic with stickers in due course for 477.

At one point 417 gains suspension and interior and becomes 417S and the only detectable difference between that and 477 is the removable canopy! So goodness knows how anyone can ever be sure!

This one comes with a #417S box as well. It isn’t a brilliant box, having lost one end and some flaps but it is a bit unusual. The screens are clean and the wheels and tyres good and the mechanism and original hook are all fine. The original type tin base is nice and clean too.

I like Land Rovers a lot and will quite happily keep this in my collection but if anyone wants one to fill a space then it’s not going to cost very much.

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