Corgi Toys 1956-73
416 RAC Radio Rescue Land Rover

416 RAC Radio Rescue Land Rover

110 GBP

A MkI type Land Rover in RAC blue with a blue roof and matching tin canopy. This is very old but is almost perfect - superb example.

There are two types of this Mk1 Land Rover in RAC guise. The difference is that the very earliest editions had the sign on the roof and just <RAC> transfers on the canopy.

Later versions of the Mk1 Land Rover had no headboard and RADIO <RAC> RESCUE on the canopy.

Each can be found with smooth or shaped wheels although I believe that the headboard version with shaped wheels will be rare. I have written about this at length in my blog.

Later, a MkII version came along with suspension and an interior and continues without the roof sign.

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