Corgi Toys 1956-73
416 RAC Land Rover with shaped wheels

416 RAC Land Rover with shaped wheels

65 GBP
This is a nice example of one of several variations of the RAC Land Rover issued. This model first appeared in 1959 and was replaced in 1962 by the Series II Land Rover with suspension and interior. The Series I editions can be found with a headboard and then without a headboard. Each edition is also available with smooth wheels or shaped wheels. This particular example will have been one of the last issued.

This Land rover has a lovely original metal canopy with replacement full text transfers. The editions with a headboard had a different canopy featuring just the RAC logo. Unfortunately, the replacement transfer set uses the wrong font style and spacing! I do have another available with an original set of transfers.

As can be seen in the photos, this model is in excellent condition apart from wear to paintwork on one side and it has an original aerial. The hook, often broken or bent on these models, is untouched. the windows are clean and unmarked and the wheels are like new. The base is also unmarked and in nice and shiny metal.