Corgi Toys 1956-73
413 Karrier Bantam Mobile Butcher's Shop

413 Karrier Bantam Mobile Butcher's Shop

45 GBP

This is penultimate of several appearances of the Karrier, the last being with suspension as a Circus Booking Office. It does look so dated now and if you’re looking for a true example of a 1950s style then here it is! Cards in the side windows and an interesting inset display at the back show bits of meat and the butcher through the windows.

This has the original dark blue stickers on the sides, front and back. So often these get rubbed away and replacements never quite look as good.

The windows are all clean and clear and the wheels good with what look to me like their original tyres.

The paintwork is marvellous - only missing where it has come off on leading edges and a little on the roof but really it is very, very good all round with no touching in either.

A great little model of this hard to find item.

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