Corgi Toys 1956-73
412 Bedford CA Ambulance Mk II

412 Bedford CA Ambulance Mk II

50 GBP
This is one of the rarer models in the Bedford CA series. The split screen edition came out in 1957 and is fairly common. Sometime in 1960, however, it gets the same treatment as the other models in the series with a new casting for a single screen and other changes. Many thought that the new version was the 414 Military Ambulance and there is little reference to this model in catalogues but there are a few around.

This example is in good condition. the cream paintwork has a few chips but the roof and sides have survived better than many of these models over the years. The screens are intact and clear and the transfers are intact and original.

There is slight rusting on the base but the wheels are sound and have what look like original tyres. remember that with these models it can be very diffciult to change rear tyres so it is best to avoid those examples that have them missing or cracked.

One of the more difficult models to find.

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