Corgi Toys 1956-73
409 Unimog Dumper Truck 2nd Edition

409 Unimog Dumper Truck 2nd Edition

50 GBP

This doesn’t initially look much different to the first edition but it is really a very poor copy. It loses all the details that made it so nice. To be honest, I am only including it because it is a variation of the first one.

Very disappointing - it doesn’t even have suspension!

I believe there are versions with grey-silver wheels as well as red but I haven’t seen any yet.

Only available for a very short period from 1976 to 1977 so that makes this poor version by far the most scarce and, consequently, likely to see most value growth as the numbers you can find diminish.

This example is good, with very few monor chips ion some edges but a nice clean dump area. The screens are clean with a small scratch in front of the driver. The rear section tips nicely and the tyres are all very good.

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