Corgi Toys 1956-73
409 Forward Control Jeep FC-150

409 Forward Control Jeep FC-150

40 GBP

Another early Corgi and, surprisingly, only the second American vehicle to be released (after the Studebaker). Most odd and another expert has wondered out loud about several aspects of this little commercial truck. He notes that the doors are outlined by lines proud of the surface whereas most Corgi models had engraved lines. It also has a solid cast base whereas all the other models at the time had tin.

Whatever the case, it sold over half a million and isn’t exactly that valuable but nice ones are not common, most children filling them with dirt or not being as careful driving them around as they were with their Bentleys.

It is always a light blue colour. Make sure you get one with a decent spare as I can see absolutely no way to replace that! It has no interior or suspension -that come with a new version #470 much later.

The Jeep is also used with a working conveyor belt contraption mounted on the rear and with a lampost repair lift device.

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