Corgi Toys 1956-73
406S Land Rover

406S Land Rover

180 GBP
For a very short period in 1962, Corgi produced this Series 2 Land Rover in bright yellow and numbered it 406S, following the system used for the RAC and RAF Land Rover revisions, as well as other models to which suspension and interiors were added. Later in the year, though, it was renumbered 438 and painted deep green with a tan plastic canopy added.

These early issues are rare. So far those that I have acquired have been in quite poor condition - and the colour does tend to exaggerate any chips on the paintwork too. This one, however, is not at all bad. There are chips but nothing like as many as on the others and the windows are good, no scratches or cracks. The hook is in place and the suspension sound.

A nice example that may well be missing from most collections.