Corgi Toys 1956-73
406S Land Rover

406S Land Rover

100 GBP
This is a very scarce item. For a short period before 438 was issued in 1962, Corgi updated the Land Rover, previously in Series I form as 406. So the new model, now Series II, gets the S addition to the catalogue number and a lovely bright shade of yellow paintwork and red interior.

In late 1962 the deep green shade appears and there are also releases of the red and an early green one in Chipperfields and Farming sets. So this has a seriously short production life and is very rarely found.

This example is not at all bad, with an intact body, spare wheel in place and good windows. There is a small scratch on the passenger window and the front bumper has a bend at one end. The hook is partially missing too. The wheels are bright and the suspension sound and base clean.