Corgi Toys 1956-73
406 Unimog Truck with original box

406 Unimog Truck with original box

50 GBP

Somehow I managed to omit the Unimogs from my lists. The were late models, appearing only in late 1969 with a strange-looking ‘Gooseneck’ dumper affair and then this comes out in 1970. A more normal-looking dumper truck comes out in 1971.

I had assumed that, being so late in the day, these would be poorly made models that I needn’t bother about - more plastic kid’s toys like many others amid the 1:36 range. But I was wrong. These are the old scale, about 1:48, and beautifully made with coil springs, mirrors, jewelled headlamps and great detail. The plastic hook at the back is about the only thing I can criticise!

This lasted well through to 1976 when it gets replaced by a green model on a yellow chassis. Now that is a poor item. It looks the same but loses all the nice things that made this original so nice.

This is complete, with an original canopy, in super condition with a good box too.

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