Corgi Toys 1956-73
406 Unimog Truck (2nd edition)

406 Unimog Truck (2nd edition)

50 GBP

Whilst the early editions of the Unmogs were lovely models, the second editions from 1976 are pretty poor. Lacking in all the things that made the first ones so good, they only get included because they are variations of the originals. I am amazed that even the suspension has gone! Even if the original springs were expensive, surely some sort could have been included. The yellow steering wheel looks weird too but at least it isn’t moulded into the dashboard like many of this period.

Now in stock is this really nice example with the plastic hood intact and I can’t see a mark anywhere. Clean screens and excellent paintwork. Although much less featured than the first types these were not around for long at all and are nothing like as common. Ultimately, they may even prove to be the more valuable.

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