Corgi Toys 1956-73
405 Bedford CA Fire Tender with original box

405 Bedford CA Fire Tender with original box

70 GBP

A very early original Corgi with the split screen of the 1956 releases.

This is the green AFS branded fire tender with a lovely ladder mounted on the roof. Most models are missing that ladder but this one has a really nice one. I am not sure whether the metal holder parts should be vertical or folded over to retain it. I am not going to risk anything breaking so it stays as it is!

The paintwork and total condition is unbelievably good and I cannot see a fault anywhere! It also has an original old style box. That is missing its end flaps but really not at all bad and is probably what has protected this little gem for the last 60 years.

This is a cast with no small dots on the rear and what looks like a straighter grill at the front. There is a version with a curved grill.

 It was superceded in 1960 by a Mk 2 version with a single front screen in red. There is also 405M which is red with a motor.

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