Corgi Toys 1956-73
405 Bedford CA Fire Tender

405 Bedford CA Fire Tender

20 GBP

A very early original Corgi with the split screen of the 1956 releases.

This is the green AFS branded fire tender (well it should be but the transfer has long gone!) And which ought to have a ladder on the roof but I stole it for the other model I have available which didn’t have one but which is in immaculate condition and has a box so that kind of made sense.

This has suffered a bit, paintwork-wise, but is solid and has nice wheels and the screens are good. There is a bit of rust on the tin base plate but this remains a good example of a scarce item.

This has a curved grill. There is also a straight grill version.

It was superceded in 1960 by a Mk 2 version with a single front screen in red. There is also 405M which is red with a motor.

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