Corgi Toys 1956-73
394 Datsun 240Z East African Safari with silver bumper

394 Datsun 240Z East African Safari with silver bumper

45 GBP

This is the ‘East African Safari’ version although that isn’t obvious from the stickers. They are the Japan 11 and Castrol ones and it is a fine looking car. It was available from late 1972 through to 1977 so had a fairly long life but there are few around in good condition. I am trying to recall just how many Japanese cars Corgi did make. It wasn’t many. In fact (I’ve just looked at my own A-Z list) there were just two - this and the Toyota 2000GT.

This example is in superb condition, just lacking a box really. It has the silver front bumper and fog lamps whereas some models had these in black.

The suspension is firm and the wheels look good. Even the doors close nicely in line with the body. This is definitely one of the best late models by Corgi.

The only fault is the size of the 240Z on the rear wing and of the writing on the spoiler! You really would have thought someone would have corrected that in production!

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