Corgi Toys 1956-73
394 Datsun 240Z East African Safari with black bumpers

394 Datsun 240Z East African Safari with black bumpers

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This is the ‘East African Safari’ version although it doesn’t have the stickers. It does look quite good without them.

It was available from late 1972 through to 1977 so had a fairly long life but there are few around in good condition. I am trying to recall just how many Japanese cars Corgi did make. It wasn’t many. In fact (I’ve just looked at my own A-Z list) there were just two - this and the Toyota 2000GT.

This is a good model, with very few paintwork marks, the nicer wheel style and Corgi still used jewels for headlamps. The lettering on the rear wing and panel is way too big - seems to be a common mistake or just lack of care - but otherwise I like this a lot.

Beneath the red paint is a coat of yellow which doesn’t make a great deal of sense and would seem to imply that they had originally intended it to be yellow. The extra coat gives that quite thick look to the paintwork so often found in this later era, especially in the solid colours.

This has a black metal front bumper and fog lights - I have another in excellent condition with a silver front bumper and fog lights.

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