Corgi Toys 1956-73
393 Merecdes-Benz 350SL in blue

393 Merecdes-Benz 350SL in blue

35 GBP

One nice thing about extending my stock to include Whizzwheels is that I can include this model. Here is an example of Corgi getting things a lot better. This is an accurate model in many ways too, apart from the digits on the boot panel (but then these aren’t as bad as some were!)

There’s chrome around the windows for the first time and the doors close in line. This metallic blue version has a pale blue interior which sounds dreadful but actually looks fine, unlike the Chrysler Imperia and others from earlier days.

This example has the earlier, quite decent-looking wheels too. It was available from 1972 all the way through to 1979 and had at least one wheel change along the way and maybe more when I start looking more closely. These are the better of the two I’ve seen, though.

It is in excellent condition throughout and an essential element of a collection with this classic SL shape.

Because there are quite a few around, though, it doesn’t command a very high price in comparison to others from this time.

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