Corgi Toys 1956-73
392 Bertone Shake Buggy in pink

392 Bertone Shake Buggy in pink

25 GBP

From the 1972 releases with Whizzwheels, this is not one of Corgi’s most desirable models. Billed as a Bertone with what I guess is the Bertone logo on the bonnet but with what looks like a Chrysler badge front and rear in the casting.

Bigger than the GP Beach Buggies around at the same time and with a mixture of gold and silver chrome for all sorts of bits and pieces attached to it. Often you’ll find something vulnerable, like the front bumper or a horn or fog light get damaged on these. This one is all complete and the paintwork is good with just a few marks on the edges.

The screen on this has survived too! They didn’t come with any roof. Also available in a brighter and more cheery yellow.

These are not expensive yet.

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