Corgi Toys 1956-73
384 Adams Probe 1.6

384 Adams Probe 1.6

30 GBP

Another of the strange, experimental style models that Corgi released in this era. The Adams Probe I had* never heard of but it is a beautiful model.

This example is in gold with a blue perspex canopy and that includes a sliding panel. In the cockpit is a weird steering wheel and absolutely no privacy whatsoever. I do hope it had air conditioning and that there was glass available in 1971 that didn’t allow heat through!

It has nice red jewels as rear lights but, of course, the usual grotty wheels.

It had a very short life, just a year or so and, unlike any other of the Whizzwheels that I am aware of, lost its number to a VW in 1972. If you’re going to delete something from your range then that’s a pretty definite way to do it.

Prices are all over the place on this one but this is an unusual and nice example of the era, almost unmarked - just the rear wing with small marks showing.

*I have since discovered that this is a British sports car! Not many were made but it did feature in A Clockwork Orange the remarkable film from the 1970s.

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