Corgi Toys 1956-73
383 VW 1200 ADAC

383 VW 1200 ADAC

110 GBP

A scarce item here, the VW1200 in German ADAC livery, only issued in Europe which is where Ia cquired this one.

It is the same as the more familiar 373 which came in white and black with a blue lamp with the silver base extended to provide nice bumpers front and rear.

The model itself is just a sad version of the original, of course, which had all sorts of nice features and this doesn’t even get jewelled lights.

There is a very obvious casting correction line running across the front which I am pretty sure Corgi would not have allowed to see the light of day in their better days.

This is in good condition but the stickers have lost most of their text now. I don’t know if I can get replacements for those. F I can it would be worth doing as they are only stuck on and can be changed without damaging anything. For now, though, it is all entirely original as shown and available if anyone would like to fill a gap.

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