Corgi Toys 1956-73
373 VW1200 European Police Car

373 VW1200 European Police Car

30 GBP
This is an odd model. It has broken windows when it arrived and so I have had to rebuild it. the base had not, though, been removed and the paintwork appears original. It is quite different to the other green and white example I have and also has the later style of Whizzwheels as well as two policemen in the front that the other doesn't have.

The suspension is sound and the windows have been replaced. the bodywork is excellent and the wheels tidy. the base is like new. the stickers on the sides look like reproductions but the originals weren't very good as I recall so they may not be. All in all, this is an interesting model and I cannot figure out quite where it fits in. It is from late in the day with those wheels, at least mid-1970s, so my guess is that it may be a late version of this long-running model that lasted from 1970 through to 1976.

Because it has been rebuilt, I do not ask much for it but I have a feeling it could be quite a scarce item.