Corgi Toys 1956-73
373 VW 1200 European Police Car with good repro box

373 VW 1200 European Police Car with good repro box

40 GBP

One of the early Whizzwheel models from 1970 based on a previous cast. You may recognise this as the East African Safari #276 minus rhino or the green and white #292 European Police car. Each of the predecessors had steering but that’s gone now. Inside you can still see the place in the mould where the mechanism would have descended through from the roof though!

This is the start of a terrible decline. Already the model has bad lines on the wings and, never mind the wheels, it has lost opening rear and front panels and even the lovely little mud flaps. Gone too are the jewelled headlamps which is surprising as they are still featured on several other later models.

This lasted from 1970 to 1976 while some other versions came and went along the way. I have no idea why this lasted so long and the others didn’t.

This example is not bad but it has signs of wear. In the less common green and white finish, though it is still more expensive than the white and black one. Look out also for an all-white version from Holland!

This comes with a very good reproduction window box.

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